Ro2 chance coupon event Just return to the Gleam campaign page and input the code. Posted 01 May - Can someone explain how does the entries count?

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Is it 1 entry per day or everytime you login in certain period of time in a day? The entries are added through actions in social media once you register in the campaign: After you register, you'll see a list of ways you can earn entries some are daily.

And watching the RO2 stream will apparently also add entries for you. Posted 02 May - May I request for the following items on one of the prize tier?

Ragnarok 2 - News - Myunel's Jawaii Boxes!

Unfortunately, I think that any item that can be traded won't be added to the prize list that easily! WP is well aware of the game's inflation and of course doesn't want to make it worse! Posted 10 May - I'll keep those items in mind for bonus tiers! New entry options and new tweets have been added for this week, so get to sharing and force me to put together some awesome bonus tiers! Can you please put the link for entries first thing on the post? I thought entry is to log on the game Posted 05 June - Posted 07 June - Winners have been announced and contacted through the email that they used to sign up for Gleam.

Please scroll to the bottom of the Landing Page to view the winners! Thank you all for participating and for making this the most successful Sharing event to date! Posted 08 June - Posted 03 July - I win!!! I still have the prizes??

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You may begin your quest at this mysterious mailbox. Entries will be accepted from October 16 through November 6. All Notice Events Updates. Software Software. May 1 - June 5,

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Odin CH. Edited by zareza, 02 May - Great job so far!

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Posted 27 August - Posted 02 September - You can use it after it expires. They don't disappear, they just sit in your inventory or equipped on your character but has no effects until you've extended them. Posted 05 September - Hi, actually I've been asking the same question. Posted 15 March - Posted 05 April - Community Forum Software by IP. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Please log in to reply. Njoror, the Magnificent We have seen that a lot of players are wondering how they can extend their costume or accessory they may have gotten so they can continue to enjoy looking awesome, or like a mushroom.

The Chance Coupon

Once you collect enough of these coupons, you can find Munil in Prontera currently hiding as Myunel , who will have goodies that you can trade The Chance Coupon in for. On the second page, you can find the Accessory and Costume Extension items.

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I wanted to make sure my Octopus Head had plenty of life in it, so I decided to purchase the Decorative Accessory 30 Day Extension item for it. Make sure to apply the extension item, and you should be all set! RO1 Member posts Playing: Ragnarok Online Server: How can we get an extension coupon?